Planning Your Wedding – A Quick Checklist

If you are planning to hold a full-fledged wedding I made a quick check-list for you so you don’t miss out on any essential parts.

Reception Venue

Probably one of the most important things for a memorable experience, so make sure to do some solid research in where you want to have this unique occasion.

Wedding Photographer

The easiest way to remember your wedding is by having a unique set of photos that capture your most precious moments. Visit this site for a quick overview of the most famous wedding photographers in your area.

A Videographer

If you want to take it one step further you can have someone record your wedding. These services keep popping up more and more often and they aren’t as expensive as you think so it’s definitely worth considering.

Bridal Salon

You obviously want to look at your best at the most important day in your life. You can find one by browsing the web or you can simply ask one of your friends. Sure you’ll get the answer you are hoping for and look as beautiful as one can be.

Hiring a DJ

After the reception and the wedding ceremony, it is time for an awesome party that people will keep on talking about. DJ’s start at as little as $150/night so you definitely don’t have to break the bank here.

How about a band?

I hope there’s still some space left in your budget. If so you should hire a band for the first few hours, and the DJ for the later hours. No party is complete without an assembly of musicians so don’t cut yourself short on this.


Obviously, we couldn’t leave this one out. Do make you do a thorough price comparison though as if you leave it up to them you’re going to get ripped off big time. Flowers come in many types, colors, and sizes so you can save a lot of money here.


Finding a wedding ring is probably the least consuming task if you already know what you want, any jeweler would do so you don’t have to search for one that’s specialized in wedding rings.

A caterer

That’s all that left, someone taking care of the food and drinks that you serve at each step of your wedding. Perhaps you can ask if they have special wedding menus and if not just pick what you think is best, they will sure advise you what is appropriate and what not.