Organizing a LEGO Themed Party

Which kid doesn’t love to play with a large collection of LEGO toys? The LEGO craze has caught up with the world, and every kid’s dream is to have a better experience with these blocks of fun. One of the best ways to add some much-needed fun into your kid’s life is to organize a LEGO party.

To make the little one happy and the envy of his friends, organize a LEGO-themed party for him. This can be a birthday party or any part to celebrate a special occasion. Initially it might seem like a hard task organizing the party, but if you are focused and you have an agenda, it becomes easy and quick.

Plenty of Ideas to Choose From

When it comes to organizing the perfect LEGO party, you need to choose the perfect theme. LEGO covers a lot of themes ranging from star wars to SpongeBob. One of the ways to identify the right theme is to understand your kid better. Find out what kind of hero your kid loves and create a theme to that effect.

After you choose the right theme, go ahead and send out invitations to friends of your kid. Nothing beats having many LEGO enthusiasts in one place. You need to let the guests know what the theme of the party is so that they come when fully prepared.

You can ask the guests to dress up in the theme to make everything realistic. You can go an extra mile and have an artist to paint the faces of the guests as they come in. however; you need to be careful when doing this. Make sure the kid isn’t allergic to the paint that is being used for face painting. Kids love having their faces painted, which kicks off the party in high gear.

Have LEGO Game Ideas

You need to adapt the game to the existing theme that you have chosen and members of your family have expressed their support. Get creative when deciding the kind of games that you want. For instance, if you choose a star wars theme, then you can opt for a cop and robbers LEGO game. This thrills the kids to no end.


You can use LEGO party favors to fill the content of the party bags. You can opt for individual bags and load them with enough bricks to make a full game. Crayons, colored bubbles, removable tattoos, stickers and coloring pages are great items to add to the bags.