How To Make Money Instagram Your Income Stream

Authors play a very important role in today’s society as they provide content either for educational purposes or for fun. Not too long ago, interacting with authors was next to impossible as you had to wait until there is an author workshop that your favorite writer is attending. Things have now changed and digital marketing is making interaction real-time. You can now use email marketing, sales funnels or social media to get in touch with your fan base. Instagram is among the most popular platforms for authors because it is easy to display visuals. The following are simple ways through which you can make money on Instagram as an author

    1. Sell your books on Instagram

Verified business accounts in major countries like the US and the UK allow users to put sell buttons directly on the content. Once a user clicks on the link, he or she will be directed to the sales page either on your website or your funnel. If you do not have a business account, you can put buy links on your bio section. Ensure that you direct or inform your followers that the buying link is on the bio section. Use enticing captions and call-to-actions to create an urge for people to click on the links

    1. Promote your courses

If you are a good author, there will always be people who look up to you and are inspired by your work. Most of these people might be willing to learn the art of writing and you can thus make their dreams a reality. It is always good to help others grow but you may not be having enough time to do this. You can thus charge them a considerable fee to compensate for the time you spend training them. Offer freebies once in a while as this attracts more people to buy your courses.

    1. Market other people’s work at a fee

Making it in online marketing requires a good network and handholding at other times. If you are a novelist in the romance scene, you can team up with others in scenes such as paranormal or science fiction. People are more likely to follow your recommendations on books especially if you are an authority in the scene.

People in other sectors are already making money on Instagram as shown here . You just need to know how to tune your content to sell but at the same time educate the followers.