How To Make An Effective List of Achievements in Order To Attract More Clients

If you are a party planner then you probably realize how difficult it can be to find clients. In order to continue working and expanding your business, you need to have many different effective marketing strategies. Of course, in order for you to get more clients, you have to be able to tell them what’s in it for THEM.

You’ve got to be able to tell them what sets you apart from other event planners. One way to do this would be to make note of your achievements. A solid list of this will effectively demonstrate your repertoire and keep your phone ringing. But how do you make such a list? Here are some pointers:

Keep a blog

Of course, there are still some individuals who rely on simple word-of-mouth to market their business, but that is an incredibly old school. Nowadays, one of the best ways to properly document a list of achievements would be to keep a blog. In a blog, you can demonstrate to readers the skills you have as an event planner that would appeal to them. In short, you can show them you have the “it” factor they need to help their event go on without a hitch.

Highlight different events

In your achievements portfolio, it might be a good idea to note some of the main events that you did well. You might want to get the permission of your past clients to do this, but after that, you probably could even get letters of recommendation from them. One example of this would be if you have ever planned a wedding. If you did well and everyone was pleased with your efforts, you could definitely include in your list.

Utilize rating websites

In your achievement list, you also can refer potential clients to any rating websites that you feel might fully portray your skills as an event planner. There are many options, including Wedding Wire, Getapp, Capterra, and numerous others.

Don’t be afraid to display a good old fashioned letter of recommendation.

Your list of achievements will be all the better if you include a letter of recommendation from one of your satisfied clients. If you can provide a glowing report for the work you did regarding their event it can go a long way to helping you attract more clients.


If you include these components in your list of achievements as a party planner, you are sure to get more customers. Keep being professional at all times and your business will only continue to expand!