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Looking For Professional Results? Choose the Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough

If you constantly bake bread or are a professional, then you are aware of the value of choosing the best stand mixer for bread dough. Kneading dough is quite different from whisking eggs, whipping cream, or creating cake mix. Firstly, dough making is more energy intensive and requires powerful motors especially if you are making a large piece of bread or bun. Secondly, the right mix is achieved by varying the speeds depending on the intervals. Failure to which may lead to you wasting the dough as it splatters out of the bowl, or making dough that is not well-aerated.

The initial step to identifying the best bread dough mixing machine is focusing on the wattage or power of the machine. As earlier stated making dough is a rigorous exercise and requires powerful motors. This is because the dough is much thicker than that for cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes or any other. Weak motors will tend to be overwhelmed by the stiff dough and will run much slower thereby not creating the right air pockets inside the dough. Overworking the small or less-powerful motor will damage the bread dough maker over time. The best solution is to go for a mixer with a powerful motor.

Professional bread making is a totally different ball game from domestic bread making. As a professional baker or chef you are very much concerned about the appearance and taste of the bread. The last thing you can imagine is offering your customer odd-shaped and funny-tasting bread. You will also be making lots of bread and buns meaning that the stand mixer will be operating for long periods. When choosing the best stand mixer for bread dough it is necessary to look at the capacity of the mixer as well as the bowl. A good product is much larger and features a large bowl that can easily accommodate large quantities of dough.

Professional bread making goes beyond the quality and tastiness of the bread. It focuses on quick service delivery and making certain the quality is consistent throughout. Many top bakers stick to one machine so as to achieve the best results. Although they may be rated the same, different brands will offer different results which may lead to the quality of bread fluctuating. To avoid such scenarios expert bread makers go for a heavy-duty stand mixer that will last for many years. It is manufactured from sturdy material and features top notch craftsmanship. A machine that rarely breaks down guarantees the baker of the quality of mix and bread remaining constant throughout.

Unlike other modes of cooking which are more of an art, baking is a science. Slightly changing the ingredients, varying the mode of mixing, or using a different stand mixer for kneading the dough may affect the quality. And this is not what a person who bakes bread professionally wants. This is more reason for him to always go for the best stand mixer for bread dough. The product will offer consistent and reliable performance, will last for a long time, and delivers professional results.