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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Product Packaging

When it comes to packaging for your business, a true professional designing team could boost your rates and ensure your product’s success on a highly competitive market. However, large marketing companies are expensive to hire and, sometimes, fail to deliver what the owner wanted or envisioned earlier. Moreover, once the marketing companies are high in demand, they tend to pick up their clients, raise their taxes and deliver services in a larger amount of time. This is why, sometimes, it is better to opt for a smaller marketing company that is eager to invest everything it has to make its customers happy and deliver strong and professional results on time, just like ThinkBound.

Smaller marketing companies do not always base their success on large budgets, important clients or large teams, but, on the contrary, focus on every detail with the people they have and start delivering professional results that come out of days of brainstorming, educative talks, collective efforts and loads of imagination. If you decided to appeal to such a company in order to pack your products, here are some aspects you should take into consideration:

  • Start by thinking about form and function. The most important aspect of a package is to fit the product it describes. This also means you should perfectly market a package that is both durable and informative, apart from its protection (or functional) purposes. Think about a bottle of wine and design a package that would fit its safe transportation – it could be a cage, a wood case or a plastic case. Either way, make sure the package is encrusted with the most specific details about the contained product and has an elegant, eye catchy design.
  • Creativity makes the world go round. Sometimes, marketing companies choose the easier solutions to brand a package a product, leaving creativity aside for durability and guaranteed success. Do not be afraid of using creativity and invention in your own design package. Look online for attractive, intelligent and creative ideas to innovate your own packaging and make sure you have come up with something truly outstanding.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Make sure your package and digital design fit the product’s description on the inside as well. That means, the closer you are to reality and authenticity, the stronger will your customers perceive you and trust your products. By depicting a product five times better on the outside than what you will literally find on the inside might help fool your clients one time. However, they will not make the same mistake twice and will make sure all their friends and family know not to trust your brand’s products. Remember, the word of mouth still goes strong and viral nowadays!
  • Apart from the previously mentioned tips, when designing your product’s package, you must also take into consideration its practicability and functionality. Think about shampoo bottles that have their drippers down so that you can always easily squeeze what’s left, and now think about a hard glass package for foundation, without the pump. You will never be able to get what’s remaining between the walls of the glass, thus you will always throw some of the product.