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How To Get Started As An Animator

The world of animation is one of those areas that is increasing to get more and more followers over the years. It is a rare chance for people to give life to ideas and images in areas such as education, law, healthcare, gaming, film, and television to mention a few. It is a lucrative industry and you may thus be looking forward to breaking into it and enjoy its benefits. The following are some of the tips on how to break into the animation industry.

Invest in learning basic skills

You can either go to school or take the self-learning route if you want to master animation. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with what you want to learn because animation is somehow diverse. Your career and professional goals will also determine the level of training that you will take. You can use online tutorials if you decide to take the self-training route. You need a lot of practice and self-assessment if you want to succeed in this area.

Network with the right people in the industry

Acquiring the right skills is just the first step in creating a career in this field. You need to create the right network with the big fish in this industry. You need to create a stellar portfolio that will showcase your work and what you stand for. Some of the crucial players to take your career to the next level include marketers, the media, public relations officers and producers. Ensure that the relationship you hold with these people is mutual. Look for avenues such as high-end events and online spaces where you can meet with such kind of people.

Create your own voice

There are thousands of animators out there, but you do not have to be like them. You need to create work that people will remember for decades. Masamune Shirow is an anime artist who has shown what it takes to have a unique voice in this game. You may try a few things and make some changes here and there when you are starting before you find your voice. You can have a mentor that will help you master a few crucial concepts as a newbie.

Developing a passion and following the above steps will make it easy for you to make a career in the animation industry. Invest in continuous learning because there will always be new concepts in the entertainment world.