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Conveyor belt and line production

Conveyor belt and line production

A conveyor belt is important in belt conveyor system, which is very important in line production, assembly plants like car manufacturing factory, soft drink production line, television product line, pharmaceutical line and so on.  Depending on what the system is designed to achieve, various conveyor belts are in the market that is meant for different functions or production.

Expert knowledge is of value when choosing the right belt for a particular task or function. Acquiring the wrong belt can lead to factory hazard, reduce productivity and waste resources, it is, therefore, important to consider the best fit belt for an every task that needs a conveyor belt.

Choosing the right conveyor

Selecting the correct conveyor belt for a particular task is a daunting exercise, but sadly over-looked. The truth is, the success of the application depends on the material the belt is fabricated from, and therefore, having the wrong belt may lead to downtime, affect throughput and safety of the application and men working on the system.

There are many types of belts, so the first step in achieving success is to know what you have in mind to achieve, and how the whole system will work. Nobody knows your design better than you, so help your conveyor belt supplier by detailing how and what you need a belt  to perform.

Factors to considering in conveyor belt

Before you choose the conveyor belt for the project, take your time and consider few things, so that you will not make the wrong choice in selecting the wrong belt.

  • Consider the material your product will turn out
  • What is the method of loading on the conveyor belt
  • At what speed will the product be conveyed?
  • The need to change the production method
  • What is the product movement? Inclined or declined approach?
  • The working environment of the belt: wet or dry, cold or hot, outside or in an enclosed system.

Good understanding of the operating environment will help in selecting the right belt for the task. Right information will help in choosing the right and best-fit belt for the type of production you want to embark on.

Depending on the type of production, and the working environment, the list of various types of conveyor belt is in exhaustive, but is certain, you will find the best match for the type of product you want to embark on