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Why to choose electronic drum?

If you look for a drum set for the apartment, then, without any doubts, the electronic drum will be the best choice.

Its principle of operation is built on the pad, which is equipped with sensors. These pads make audio delivery via the special sound module consisting of the processor of effects, a sequencer, a synthesizer of sounds and the whole set of other useful functions. It is possible to make a conclusion that electronic drums are a multifunctional instrument with a wide scope of application. It is possible to use it not only inside of your house for silent rehearsals, but also to take with yourself on performances, or even for sound recording purposes.

In order to deal with the question what characteristics of an electronic drum are important it is necessary to answer the following questions:

For what do you need the drum pad?

For whom it is acquired?

How do you plan to use it?

Amateurs and professionals, children and adults can learn to master it.

In comparison with an acoustic drum, the electronic drum has a row of advantages. One of their principal benefits is compactness (as all installation together with stands and pads can be placed in a box or a case that facilitates transportation). It is easy to transport it both in the car, or even a plane. The total weight of such load can be up to 20-30 kilos.

Another advantage of electronic drum possibility of estimation during concerts as installation does not need making. It is enough to connect them to the panel and the line of gain. But it is worth mentioning of that must be appropriate sound pressure in the monitor line and scenic lumbago. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to play as pads are silent. One more pleasant moment is that the sound module from an electronic drum set can perfectly work together with drum machines, which is equipped with triggers (sound pickups). It means that it is possible processing sound effects and using internal sets of percussions. Such opportunity will be not superfluous at concerts when sounding of the available installation is not ideal.

The quality of a sound is a major characteristic of any musical instrument and electronic drums in particular. The market of electronic drums is very young and has fewer models as the market of acoustic drums. Respectively the relation price/quality in this or that price segment of electronic drums differs from those which exist in the segment of acoustic models. If you make a comparison at the price, then the quality of acoustic models sounding of acoustic models in the budgetary and average price ranges at least twice surpasses the quality of electronic models sounding. For many beginners and amateurs, this characteristic is minor as the main goal for them is drumming.