How To Make Money Instagram Your Income Stream

Authors play a very important role in today’s society as they provide content either for educational purposes or for fun. Not too long ago, interacting with authors was next to impossible as you had to wait until there is an author workshop that your favorite writer is attending. Things have now changed and digital marketing is making interaction real-time. You can now use email marketing, sales funnels or social media to get in touch with your fan base. Instagram is among the most popular platforms for authors because it is easy to display visuals. The following are simple ways through which you can make money on Instagram as an author

    1. Sell your books on Instagram

Verified business accounts in major countries like the US and the UK allow users to put sell buttons directly on the content. Once a user clicks on the link, he or she will be directed to the sales page either on your website or your funnel. If you do not have a business account, you can put buy links on your bio section. Ensure that you direct or inform your followers that the buying link is on the bio section. Use enticing captions and call-to-actions to create an urge for people to click on the links

    1. Promote your courses

If you are a good author, there will always be people who look up to you and are inspired by your work. Most of these people might be willing to learn the art of writing and you can thus make their dreams a reality. It is always good to help others grow but you may not be having enough time to do this. You can thus charge them a considerable fee to compensate for the time you spend training them. Offer freebies once in a while as this attracts more people to buy your courses.

    1. Market other people’s work at a fee

Making it in online marketing requires a good network and handholding at other times. If you are a novelist in the romance scene, you can team up with others in scenes such as paranormal or science fiction. People are more likely to follow your recommendations on books especially if you are an authority in the scene.

People in other sectors are already making money on Instagram as shown here . You just need to know how to tune your content to sell but at the same time educate the followers.

Instagram Likes: The Secret Ingredient to Instagram Success

Instagram is all about numbers. You have the numbers; you get the benefits. Without numbers, you stay at the bottom of the pile, wondering while you don’t have as many followers and why many others aren’t interested in your account at all.

One of the metrics that is used to measure how popular you are is the number of likes that you have. This means that if you have more likes, you attract more followers to the post.

How Does Instagram Rate Likes?

When it comes to this platform, the more the likes, the more your content gets seen. It is not all about the likes though – it is more of how they come in.

If you post content and you get a lot of likes in the first few minutes, the algorithm sees that the content is popular and places it at the top of the news feed.

Additionally, the likes need to be many so that you can trigger the attention of the algorithm to place your account among the top ones on this platform.

You need to get as many likes as possible, not just from your followers but also from other people on Instagram.

What Value Do Likes Add?

When it comes to likes, you are looking at various benefits. One, you stand to attract more viewers to your post. The followers will end up checking out why your post is attracting so much attention.

The post goes more viral. This means that your followers share your content on other platforms, which makes it go viral. A viral post features at the top of the news feed and is seen by more people.

When you have more likes on a content, you establish yourself as an authority in the niche. Followers and other people see that you are knowledgeable when it comes to the niche, and will turn to you for more information. This translates into more followers.

How Do You Get More Likes?

You can go the traditional way to get more likes, but this means that you have to put in hours and hours of work to get the likes. The other method is to buy Instagram likes. Fred Harrington tells you more about buying likes and how to use them to build your account the right way.

In Closing

It takes more than just buying likes to get your account to a high level. You need to understand what you need and buy the number that can take your account to a whole new level.

How To Stand Out In Instagram Marketing

The marketing space has changed a lot in the last one decade after digital marketing was introduced and continues to win the hearts of many people across the globe. Social media is the most famous platform because most people are very active on social spaces. Traditional marketing is being faced out and digital marketing is taking center stage. Instagram is the 2nd most famous platform based on the number of users even though it is less than a decade old. What attracts people to this platform is the ease of attaching stories to visuals. The following are simple tips on how to stand out in Instagram marketing

    1. Develop a theme

You may have noted that some profiles have consistent and outstanding posts that follow a certain pattern. Such users have a theme that they follow to make their posts stand out. Choose at least two colors and make them the background of all your posts and they will be visible from far. Such colors can be your company colors or anything that people can easily associate with your brand. Avoid using the same colors as your competitors because potential customers might get confused. Dull colors are not ideal because they do not attract customers from far.

    1. Automate some functions

Dedicating an entire department to do marketing can be somehow expensive especially when you are starting out. You can avoid this cost by doing the marketing yourself through social media and still get the desired results. However, it is somehow involving and you may find yourself with less time for performing the core business functions. You need time to create content, post, search for new followers and trending hashtags and still engage your customers. You can only achieve all this through automation as time is always limited. All automation tools are not equal and some are good while others will land you in trouble. You can check a review such as SocialFlight Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog and know what makes an ideal tool.

    1. Focus on quality

Smart marketers analyze each piece of content before they post it on their Instagram pages. You should not mix your personal life with business because customers are not interested in your personal life. The only time you are allowed to post personal life issues is when it directly relates to your brand. Avoid copying other users’ posts or else you find yourself in lawsuit cases which will harm your reputation.

Your Little Entrepreneur Can Get a Head Start on His Future


If you’re a parent, you aren’t surprised that children love the idea of having money and using it to buy things. From cashing in on the Tooth Fairy, to selling at lemonade stands, children have always been enamored with earning money on their own.

If you want to teach your child financial responsibility, it’s a good idea to start when they’re young, because if you hand them everything they want, they may learn to take money for granted, and will become entitled, spoiled teenagers, who often become spoiled, entitled adults.

The thing is, some children are eager to earn and save money on their own. These are the kids you find having their own garage sales, paper routes, or garage sales.

Then there are others that need a bit more coaxing.

How can you interest a child in saving money?

One way is to have them earn an allowance instead of handing it over.

Sounds a bit harsh in today’s easy-breezy world of permissive anything-goes parenting, but it will instill a value of money that will last a lifetime.

One thing to remember is that not all jobs are suited for all children or teenagers. Sara may love to bake and sell her own cookies, but she may hate the thought of babysitting. Jordan may love to mow yards, but may hate getting up extra early for a paper route before school. Be flexible on this. Even adults get to choose their vocational path in life, for the most part.

So what are some ways kids can earn money?

Some jobs include but aren’t limited to: Babysitting for children after school or on weekends, washing cars, mowing lawns, running errands, cleaning houses, walking dogs. Check out this page for more ideas.

You’ll find that if a child enjoys the thing they’re doing to earn money, the longer they’ll stick with it. A little girl who loves to make her own perfumes today could own her own perfume company in the future. In rare cases, child entrepreneurs have their own company website or social media site, often operated by a parent due to the age restrictions.

Children can have savings accounts, or an old-fashioned piggy bank.

Encourage them to save some of their earnings, and spend the rest wisely. Have them write and keep a budget, because habits learned at an early age often stick the longest.

Regardless of how your child learns the value of a dollar, the best financial advisor he or she could ever have is you.