Your Little Entrepreneur Can Get a Head Start on His Future


If you’re a parent, you aren’t surprised that children love the idea of having money and using it to buy things. From cashing in on the Tooth Fairy, to selling at lemonade stands, children have always been enamored with earning money on their own.

If you want to teach your child financial responsibility, it’s a good idea to start when they’re young, because if you hand them everything they want, they may learn to take money for granted, and will become entitled, spoiled teenagers, who often become spoiled, entitled adults.

The thing is, some children are eager to earn and save money on their own. These are the kids you find having their own garage sales, paper routes, or garage sales.

Then there are others that need a bit more coaxing.

How can you interest a child in saving money?

One way is to have them earn an allowance instead of handing it over.

Sounds a bit harsh in today’s easy-breezy world of permissive anything-goes parenting, but it will instill a value of money that will last a lifetime.

One thing to remember is that not all jobs are suited for all children or teenagers. Sara may love to bake and sell her own cookies, but she may hate the thought of babysitting. Jordan may love to mow yards, but may hate getting up extra early for a paper route before school. Be flexible on this. Even adults get to choose their vocational path in life, for the most part.

So what are some ways kids can earn money?

Some jobs include but aren’t limited to: Babysitting for children after school or on weekends, washing cars, mowing lawns, running errands, cleaning houses, walking dogs. Check out this page for more ideas.

You’ll find that if a child enjoys the thing they’re doing to earn money, the longer they’ll stick with it. A little girl who loves to make her own perfumes today could own her own perfume company in the future. In rare cases, child entrepreneurs have their own company website or social media site, often operated by a parent due to the age restrictions.

Children can have savings accounts, or an old-fashioned piggy bank.

Encourage them to save some of their earnings, and spend the rest wisely. Have them write and keep a budget, because habits learned at an early age often stick the longest.

Regardless of how your child learns the value of a dollar, the best financial advisor he or she could ever have is you.

Try Throwing a Party for Your Best Friend

My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and I’d like to surprise her with a party. It’s not every day that someone turns thirty.

When we were younger, we used to think that thirty was ancient. Now that we’re on the brink of reaching this milestone, we laughed at the way we thought as children.

No matter how old my best friend will be, there are certain things she loves. She’s always wanted to travel and see the world. This wanderlust was apparent in the brochures she’d collect and the questions she’d ask others when they visited our country.

I once saw her list of places she’d like to visit. I bet she’s crossed off most of those locations by now.

Besides traveling, she also has a weakness for soda in special containers. She said they taste better like that, so I’ll have to take her word for it. Look here if you’re a soda lover like her and want to know if plastic or glass is better.

I’ve been wracking my brain for the perfect gift for her. (The party is pretty much taken care of. I asked another one of our friends to execute my plans. She’s an event planner, so this will be a piece of cake for her.) What do you give someone who has everything?

I even contacted her family in case they had ideas, but they weren’t much help.

I think I could put together a mishmash of her favorite things.

For traveling, I could get her new luggage, but that seems so boring. I’m more of a homebody, so maybe I need to think of things from her perspective.

In the end, I’ll probably just go with her favorite treats, travel friendly kits of makeup, leather luggage, and tickets to a cruise.

I went with the cruise idea because she’s never experienced a cruise. For all the traveling she’s done by boat, plane, train, and car, my best friend has never enjoyed the luxury of a cruise. I think she’ll like it.

I won’t turn thirty for another six months. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when that happens. It’s a good thing my best friend will already know. I hope it’s not as terrible as everyone else makes it out to be.

No matter our age, I know we’ll always remain best friends. I just hope she enjoys the gift and party. All our friends will be there, so it will be a night to remember.

4 Important Contacts That Every Homeowner Should Have


What are the most important contacts that you should have while at work? Maybe clients, your boss, and workmates. What about when you are at home? Have you ever sit down to think of it? Humans are full of surprises, and sometimes riches and material things can make them feel as if they can survive alone. Even if you have learned not to trust humans, you will always need help once in a while. The following are crucial contacts that every homeowner should have.


You do not deserve to live in the dark even for a single night, and the electrician can make this happen. There are simple things like changing a bulb that you can handle without any help, but when it comes to changing a fuse or a blown out wall socket, you need a professional. The expert can also advise you on how to save electricity bills and recommend energy efficient appliances. One of the biggest damages that can happen to your home is fire outbreak from electrical shortages, and you do not want any of this.


If you value hygiene in your home, then you should have the number of your plumber with you. Leaking taps blocked sinks, and sewers are sources of concern which can make a home uninhabitable. You are likely to incur extra expenses on water bills as a result of leaking pipes thus making your life harder. You should contact Plumbers Blackpool anytime you note leakages to have a quick fix. It is also wise to invite an expert to inspect your piping system once in a while so that problems can be detected quite early before they get out of hand.

Local mechanic

Your car can break down even before you leave home and you need a quick fix. You should have a reliable mechanic to get you out of problems as fast as possible. The ideal mechanic should use the best tools and recommended spare parts to fix your car and keep the warranty valid.

Delivery man

You need someone who can deliver parcels and mails on your behalf. There are those days you need a quick fix, and the delivery man will be there for you. Choose a delivery company that has some excellent reviews to ensure that you get the services you deserve.

Having the above contacts ensures that you do not suffer inconveniences even in times of emergencies.